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Author: John Dinsley – The complete What, When, Where, How-to-book of medicinal charcoal, with over 150 stories from healthcare workers and laymen around the world who have found charcoal to be one amazing super natural remedy. AWARD: Honorable Mention – “Most Progressive Health Book” (2006 Independent Publisher Book Awards) – 304 pages

This book talks about the history and science of the usage of charcoal in a wide variety of applications. The author tells many fascinating stories of specific cases when charcoal has been used to help the body to heal, by removing the toxins and poisons. Charcoal Remedies . com is a wonderful resource to enable the reader to learn how to use activated charcoal as a simple and natural remedy for poisonings, digestive ailments, infections and poisonous bites.

From the back cover of Charcoal Remedies . com is this quote:

“From the dawn of civilization, man has had an intimate relationship with charcoal. As an indispensable tool of technology and as a medicinal, charcoal is used in numerous ways to make our lives more healthy. It purifies the water we drink, the air we breath,and detoxifies the soil we grow our food in. As a medicinal, charcoal is used in virtually every hospital in the world on a daily basis, as it plays an increasingly significant role in maintaining, restoring and enhancing man’s level of health. From drug and food poisoning, to kidney dialysis machines, to would dressings, to anemia of cancer, and much more, modern hospitals depend on the many uses of this most simple of remedies. These same benefits are also available to you.”